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Sunday, September 20, 2009

ValueRays® Pink Warm Computer Mouse for Cancer Fund Raisers Make Perfect Gifts

ValueRays® PINK Warm Computer Mouse
Ergonomically shaped to work a different set of hand muscles. The pink computer mouse by ValueRays® is large and smooth with the ability to glide across the mouse pad with ease. Keeps the hand healthy using infrared heat. Just plug and play, turn on the heat and feel the warmth of deep healing and soothing infrared heat.

ValueRays® is sponsoring a cancer fund raiser starting today. Proceeds from each sale of the ValueRays® Pink Warm Computer Mouse will be donated to the fight against cancer. Help us find a cure. Join our fight against cancer by purchasing a Pink Computer Mouse. Donations are being made to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.


I often wondered why people were compelled to raise money for cancer research until cancer hit home. Now, I do everything I can to promote the fight against cancer. I especially like all the little pink items one can purchase to acknowledge their support. My favorite pink cancer fund raising product is the pink warm mouse. It's a heated computer mouse with the cancer ribbon logo. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold, and the infrared heat it generates makes it a healthy addition to the computer work area.

Cancer is a prolific and horrific disease. There are over 200 different types of cancer -- not inlcuding the multitude of skin cancers, and although many types can be cured through surgery and chemotherapy, there are still many fatalities due to cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), over half a million people died of cancer in 2008.

When cancer hits home, sometimes there's a happy ending. Other times there's not. Fortunately, my story has positive results. After many years of marriage, my husband and I divorced. We hadn't talked to each other in a few years when one night I had a horrible dream something was wrong with him. The nightmare woke me up and brought tears to my eyes. The next day I called him. His number was disconnected. I got scared. I called his mother and asker her if he was OK. She told me he was fine and gave me his phone number to call and check for myself. So I did.

To make a long story short, we got back together. He returned home, and although he wasn't sick or feeling ill, I sent him to the doctor for an annual exam to make sure he was OK. That's how intense my dream had been about him not being well. Something in my subconscious told me he wasn't OK. The doctor did some tests and found cancer. We were shocked. A month later he had surgery. Following the surgery, he went through six months of chemotherapy. He's been cancer free for two years, and we are very grateful.

Fundraising for the ACS's fight against cancer is now part of our annual plan. There are a number of ways a person can get involved in the fight against cancer. The ASC's Relay for Life Cancer Walk is available in all major cities throughout the USA. There are many other volunteer programs where a person can become involved, too. The obvious pink products for cancer fund raisers are certainly one way to help.

The next time you see a pink cancer ribbon, think about this story. The pink products for cancer fund raising have become a universal language, and they make perfect gifts. Help spread the word about the fight against cancer becuase we won't give up until a cure for cancer is found!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Warm Mouse Giveaway Blog Features ValueRays® Products

The Warm Mouse Giveaway Blog is featuring ValueRays® products on an ongoing basis. The giveaway events are sponsored by three websites:

Currently, there are two giveaway events featured on the Warm Mouse Giveaway Blog:

Check the Mr.Linky Giveaway Link at the top of the Warm Mouse Blog Home Page to see current ValueRays® Giveaway events. We also list the warm giveaways on many contest sites. Search ValueRays® Warm Giveaways on Google or Bing to see current events.

If you are a contestant in search of a good list of events. See the Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard's list of Warm Giveaways. There are a number of online resources for contestants to follow to receive ValueRays® products free! You can't win unless you enter the contest. Follow simple instructions included in the blog post and submit as many comments as you desire!

For more details about ValueRays® Giveaway events, please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Original ValueRays® Warm Mouse

Original ValueRays® Warm Mouse - ValueRays® first Warm Mouse! Don't be confused by Copy Cats! Although, we all know every cat loves a Warm Mouse!

Make sure you have the ValueRays® brand! The logo is on the face of the Warm Mouse as shown in the above photo. The ValueRays® logo promises "Valuable Infrared Radiant Heat Rays!"

How the Warm Mouse started..... It all begain several years ago by manufacturers in China and Japan. The first warm mice products didn't function very well, computers crashed and people complained. Leaving the rework to the inventive Asians, they designed a variety of heated computer mouse products for us to try and test! By 2007, the warm mouse product was almost near perfection, but it's still being reworked today. Improvements have been made in the on/off switch, cord length, heat strength and ergonomic shape. The warm computer mouse is evolving into a pretty slick little gadget.

Innovative ideas for heated gadgets hit the USA market through the manufacturers' websites and through Internet Shopping Giant, eBay. The Warm Mouse is patented in China and Japan, and there are a few USA resellers making the Warm Mouse, heated computer mouse, available to consumers through their websites. Guess what? The Warm Mouse sold online come from the same or similar manufacturers in China and Japan. So, don't be confused by twisted advertising campaigns by sellers claiming to be something they are not!

There are many online resources authorized to sell the Original ValueRays® Warm Mouse. A few of these websites are listed below:

Plus, there's a very long list of Affiliated Websites who resell the ValueRays® products through the ValueRays Affiliate Program managed by

The Original ValueRays® Warm Mouse contains the ValueRays® logo and is backed by a 90-day warranty. It is made and manufactured by the patent owner and leading manufacturer in China (the same place most all warm computer mice are made). The Original ValueRays® Warm Mouse is the first ValueRays® Warm Mouse and it's made using a low, 5v carbon heating element to produce deep healing infrared heat. It's new & improved compared to its predecessor.

For more information about the heated computer mouse by ValueRays®, visit the Learning Center at Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard Website. You may be surprised about the benefits of using infrared heat while using the computer!

ValueRays® = Valuable Infrared Radiant Heat Rays!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

ValueRays Products Go WHOLESALE Online Store Open

Shop for your favorite ValueRays USB Infrared Heat Ergonomic Computer Accessories at Wholesale Central! We opened an online wholesale store for the ValueRays products! Get very low prices for big profits on the highest quality USB infared heat products available.

To read more about the program, visit Wholesale page. To place an immediate order for ValueRays WARM MOUSE, MOUSE HAND WARMER and WARM MOUSE PAD. Visit the ValueRays Wholesale Store.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

AOTA's 2009 Annual Conference - Houston April 23-26

As seen in AOTA Conference Magazine
ValueRays® USB HEAT Ergonomic Computer Work Aids
From YouTube

For Fist Time AOTA Conference Attendees
YouTube Video


Invest your money wisely. That has always been great advice, but it has never been more prudent than now. These turbulent times have all of us thinking harder about how we spend our dollars. Value has top priority. That’s why we can encourage you with all confidence to register for the AOTA Annual Conference & Expo in April 2009.

Occupational therapy is feeling the effects of the economic crisis. If ever there was a time to take advantage of top-notch learning that keeps your skills sharp, influential connections that open doors for your career advancement, and peer interaction that inspires energy and creativity for your practice, it is now.

Over 600 educational sessions, hundreds of leaders and potential employers, and thousands of colleagues will provide news, information, and discussion about the serious challenges OT faces and offer guidance on navigating through it. Some of these areas are—

· Health care reform and its impact on OT

· Clinical issues in many practice areas that focus on skills and assessments

· Competency in practice that adds value to employers

· Preserving consumer access to OT services

· Grassroots advocacy to keep OT reimbursement viable

· Public awareness of OT by consumers and health care professionals

· Protecting OT jobs from the recession.

AOTA’s business is to support occupational therapy and our members in every way. I am urging you to register for the 2009 Annual Conference & Expo because it is a significant factor in our support for you. Plus, we are doing all we can to make it as affordable as possible for you—

Attend the AOTA Conference in Houston

Blast Off With a Memorable Welcome Ceremony and Keynote Address

If you have ever been to an AOTA Annual Conference & Expo before, you know that the Welcome Ceremony on Thursday afternoon is electrifying.

We begin with great music and a lively processional that gets our audience on its feet and bursting with energy. Then, AOTA President Penelope Moyers Cleveland will open the Conference and introduce our keynote speaker, the distinguished Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, president of The University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Dr. Hrabowski, who at a young age excelled in his studies and was involved with the Civil Rights Movement, even to the point of being jailed with Martin Luther King, Jr., will speak on the power of embracing diversity. He is a highly respected educator who has built his impressive reputation by challenging minority students to reach their full potential.

Finally, President Moyers Cleveland will close the ceremony with an invitation for everyone to join the Expo Grand Opening and Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall. Once there, you’ll be treated to delicious food and drinks, catch up with old friends and meet new ones, and discover the amazing group of exhibitors with products and services for you!

Ready? 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Blast off!

Register at -

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How You Can Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury

By Janice M. Horowitz

People who use their hands for a living should be on the alert for pain, numbness and other unusual sensations. These symptoms may signal the onset of RSI. If they persist, see a doctor who specializes in such injuries. Meanwhile, here are some tips for preventing RSI or, if it's too late for that, for keeping its symptoms in check:

-- Take frequent rest breaks and rotate from one task to another.

-- Maintain good posture without sitting too rigidly. Your body should be relaxed and your weight evenly distributed.

-- When typing, keep hands relaxed and fingers gently curved. Your hands should float easily above the keyboard.

-- Keep wrists in a neutral position -- not twisted or strained -- at the keyboard. The same applies to other activities such as holding a steering wheel, a tennis racket or a pencil.

-- Keep hands warm to promote circulation. Good blood flow supplies nutrients to the tissues and helps wash away toxins.

-- Exercise to improve circulation and overall conditioning.

-- Open heavy doors with your shoulder, not your hands.

-- Give your hands a break: invest in electric can openers and electric staplers, food processors, book stands and the like.

-- Don't wait for pain before taking a rest. Time your symptoms and break off work 10 minutes before they usually begin.

-- Never work in pain.

-- Avoid leaning on armrests or wrist pads. These should be used only when you're not typing.

-- Don't lean on elbows; nerves there can become irritated.

-- Try not to smoke, which reduces blood flow and makes you more vulnerable to RSI -- another reason to quit.

-- Don't overdo domestic chores after a hard day at the office.

-- If pain occurs, avoid leisure activities that can strain your hands, such as gardening, cooking, bowling or knitting. Hiking and jogging are preferable. Weight lifting, for RSI sufferers, is out of the question.

-- Don't wear wrist splints while typing. They can cause atrophy in some muscle groups.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Infrared heat is value added for computer users

Infrared heat is healing. The effects of the infrared heat rays penetrate deep into the muscle tissues removing toxins from the blood and relaxing tension in the muscles. ValueRays warming computer accessories are designed with a carbon fiber. Carbon fibers produce infrared heat. To learn more about the healing effects of ValueRays Warm Mouse and ValueRays Warm Mouse Pad visit If you suffer with cold hands, a cold mouse hand and need a mouse hand warmer, visit for more information.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Low tech warmth in a high tech geek society

I guess high tech is plugging a gadget into a USB port. Low tech is the use of no electricity. The Mouse Hand Warmer is definitely low tech. It uses no electricity to create a snuggly blanket for your mousing hand. If your hand gets cold, and believe me, many mouse hands get very cold, then the mouse blanket hand warmer is ideal. Read Techie Diva for more details.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Oprah & Doctor Oz.... help us solve the cold mouse hand problem!

Searching for an answer to define the "cold mouse hand" syndrome, Oprah and Doctor Oz were sent an online letter. We haven't heard back from them, and if/when we do, you'll read about it here.

Here's what we wrote:

Many people may not be aware of a condition called "Cold Mouse Hand." It affects computer users who work using a computer mouse. It's not carpal tunnel and shouldn't be confused with other mouse hand medical conditions. I believe the "cold mouse hand" problem is a fairly new discovery.

I started using a computer in the early 90's, and I owned and operated an ecommerce site for over 12 years. My work required me to sit in front of a computer using the mouse. A/C offices, fans, drafts and chilly weather would cause my mouse hand to get so cold my finger tips would become numb. The only relief to the cold mouse hand was to stop working, and that was not an option. I tried pulling a sweater over my mouse hand and wear fingerless gloves to keep it warm and that didn't work. I bought computer gadgets that promised to keep the mouse hand warm, and they were either non-ergonomic, caused pain, or were too small.

In February 2007, after suffering from a cold mouse hand for many years, I decided to obtain a provisional patent for a "Mouse House Hand Warmer" to address and fix the problem. But, I was still too busy operating my business to do anything with the patent.

In May 2008, I sold my ecommerce site and decided to research the cold mouse hand problem to focus on a solution. I was surprised to discover the problem was experienced by many people.

In June 2008, I made a Mouse Hand Warmer using blanket fabric, tested the prototype, and it worked. The Mouse Hand Warmer was born! I don't suffer anymore from a cold mouse hand.

If Doctor Oz finds the mouse hand syndrome, not carpal tunnel, but the "cold mouse hand" problem, an interesting, new topic, please ask him to shed some light on this mysterious computer geeks' situation. If you look for little inventions to address new problems, I will participate by sharing the problem and the solution with your audience. I hope you find this story and it's solution unique and worthy of a discussion topic.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mouse Hand Warmer at Amazon, Etsy &

If you are one of the many computer users who suffer from a cold mouse hand all winter, a solution has arrived. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a new product being introduced this year by, Inc. The price is $19.95 and it includes free shipping. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, there's no sales tax, too.
The Mouse Hand Warmer is available online at this locations:
It's a perfect gift for any computer user. If you sit for long hours at the computer with an exposed mouse hand, you'll agree, a cozy blanket is the solution to a cold mouse hand.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The computer mouse set to die out in the next five years? Don’t bet on it!

There's a lot of talk about the mouse becoming extinct, but we don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Think about all the work you do on your desktop using the computer mouse. Actually, there's ongoing new developments in mouse technology. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a cool addition to the keyboard and mouse. It keeps your mouse hand covered and warm. It's a new geek gadget being introduced just in time for a shift in weather. We'll post images here soon.

Article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

According to a sensationalist article by the BBC News, that lump of plastic that you have next to your keyboard will, over the next few years, go the way of the dinosaur and be replaced by revolutionary technologies such as touchscreens and facial recognition. I wouldn’t bet on it …

A Gartner analyst predicts the demise of the computer mouse in the next three to five years.

Taking over will be so called gestural computer mechanisms like touch screens and facial recognition devices.

“The mouse works fine in the desktop environment but for home entertainment or working on a notebook it’s over,” declared analyst Steve Prentice.

He told BBC News that his prediction is driven by the efforts of consumer electronics firm which are making products with new interactive interfaces inspired by the world of gaming.

Will the mouse be extinct in 5 years?
No (89%)
Yes (11%)
Total Votes: 3,504

Technology analysts seem to have an unshakeable belief that the pace at which technology evolves is unstoppable and that the rate of change is the same across the board. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t, and the one place that the march of change slows down to a crawl is whenever the people sitting on the chair in front of the PC have to take an active part in that change.

Most change requires little or no input from the end user. MHz to GHz, MBs to GBs and then TBs, floppy to CD and then DVD, CRT to LCD, these changes didn’t require any more from the user than the willingness to buy the latest bit of kit. Over that time we’ve also seen the core input devices attached to a PC evolve, with the mouse transforming from a mechanical device into an optical one, and both it and the keyboard breaking ties with the PC and resorting to wireless communication.

About ten years ago I decided that the mouse was dead and turned instead to trackballs (Logitech ones initially, and later Microsoft). To me trackballs seemed like the way of the future. They made use of optical technology (in an era when most mice were still mechanical), they could be used on any surface, they were bristling with buttons and other cool features, they promised to be maintenance-free, and they allowed you to have much finer control over the cursor. And the advantage of advantages - you didn’t need to move your arm! You could control your PC through tiny movements of your thumb or forefinger. I was so jazzed by trackballs that I replaced all my mice with them. The era of the mouse was dead.

Or so I thought …

Part of the problem with making any radical change in that you can’t take it everywhere with you. While my PCs were all fitted with trackballs, not every PC was, and that meant that I was forever switching between the two input methods (this goes hand in hand with the reason why I never bother learning the Dvorak keyboard). Similarly, it was a pain to migrate all the button settings and setup to all systems, a failing with ultimately led to all the trackballs being left on their default settings that in turn meant that the benefits of super-sensitivity and having countless buttons was lost. Even the claim that trackballs were maintenance-free turned out to be a lie. After about five years of being a trackball fan (yes, I stuck with it for that long), I gave up and went back to mice.

I’ve even dabbled with tablets, and while they are great for certain applications (think Photoshop and the like), they are of limited use for day-to-day applications. Sue, they have their place, but only in a limited way. I also had an elaborate Microsoft gaming platform called the Strategic Commander that was part mouse/part keyboard. That was dead handy because you could load it up with a ton of macros and I even used this for non-gaming tasks. Microsoft stopped supporting it, it was a pain to load the drivers onto Vista and the device now collects dust. This was a cool addition to the keyboard and mouse, but no replacement.

The problem with the mouse is that, like the keyboard, it’s good enough, and it has been around for long enough to have become the default. Anything that replaces the mouse not only has to be better than it, it’ll have to be a LOT better. Right now, I don’t see anything on the horizon that comes close to making the mouse extinct.

Oh, and another thing. When something does come along and replace the mouse, you can be guaranteed that it won’t be some Minority Report style hand-waving setup.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

IGM launches geek gadget keeps mouse hands warm worldwide

IGM products is under construction! The new website and the new product launch is underway. Everything should be complete and ready for shoppers within the next few days. A new product called the Mouse Hand Warmer is a warm cozy blanket to keep your mouse hand from getting cold. There's nothing like it in the stores. The IGM mouse hand warmer is available only online.We'll post images and ways to get the mouse hand warmer as soon as the information is available. Right now, know there's relief for those who suffer with cold mouse hands in an air conditioned office or a drafty winter room. The mouse hand warmer available soon for $19.95 includes free shipping and no sales tax worldwide!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008 USA, LLC named top discounter

We're not surprised to hear USA, LLC Walmart was named the top discount retailer in the USA. When was the last time you shopped at USA, LLC Walmart? If you haven't lately, now's the time to take a tour. Click the link above and see the wide selection of off-priced products available for everyone. Back to school shopping is easy at USA, LLC Walmart! Kids love the colorful fashions and variety of school supplies. Parents love the prices. It's a win-win shopping at USA, LLC. Shop Walmart! Click here and browse the wide selection and low prices! USA, LLC Walmart .

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Friday, August 1, 2008

21 Nearly Painless Tips on How to Save Money Today

Target - Shop Discount Stores!

Posted by DebtKid

Saving money doesn't mean your life has to go back to the Stone Age. With the economy in the tank, everyone is looking to cut back. Some tips however, are just downright painful. I mean, no more Lattes... ever? Let's get real, people.

Here are 21 practical and mostly pain free tips to save cash now:

1. Reduce your cable package.
You can save $40+ a month by dropping those 200 channels you never watch. 24/7 Reality TV? That's just called “Life”.

2. Reduce your cell phone plan.
Take a look at your cell phone bill, if you're like many people you have way more minutes than you need. Drop your plan down. Make more calls in the evening and save $20 a month.

3. Plan your meals. Cook in bulk.
I was a boy scout for a year. It didn't work out for me but I did learn to "Be Prepared". If you plan your meals ahead of time you can cook in bulk and save money. Plus, who doesn't love leftovers?

4. Forget the theater. Get Netflix.
Two movie tickets and some popcorn can run you $30 today. Get a $20 plan from Netflix and catch up on some great TV on DVD (The Wire, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, Entourage, 24, LOST... so many great series)

5. Forget Netflix. Read a book.
To spend $0 this month on entertainment, hit up your local library. Not only do they have magazines, DVD, and books on tape, they have thousands of real books as well! It's incredible and 100% free.

6. Have a Picnic.
Instead of going out to a fancy dinner with your Significant Other, plan a romantic picnic. Not only will you save cash, you'll earn lots of points with your partner.

7. Buy local groceries, not corporate.
Can't live without your organic milk from Whole Foods? Organic food doesn't have to be expensive. You just need to know where to find it. Forget the big chains. Hit up your local Farmers Market where prices can be 50% what you'd pay at Whole Foods.

8. Carpool more.
Going out with friends? Does everyone really need to drive? Offer to pick up your buddies, and have them return the favor next time. Plus, you'll be able to get in the carpool lane without using that fake dummy of yours.

9. Keep your house cooler.
Keep your windows open in the morning. Keep lights turned off. You'll save electricity and keep your place cooler. More tips to keep your home cool in the summer.

10. Get a frugal battle buddy.
When you go through Army basic training, you get assigned a "battle buddy". Your buddy is there to make sure you make it. Get a frugal battle buddy and commit to frugal spending. Bonus: There are no push-ups in frugal boot camp!

11. Forget Vegas. Go camping.
Sure Vegas hotels are still cheap, but have you seen airfare prices? Forget it. Take a longer vacation in a state or national park. Your biggest expense can be food! Eat well, hike a bit, and enjoy the great outdoors. Sure, you can't bet it all on Red, but bring a deck of cards and you can always bet marshmallows.

12. Reduce sky-high interest rates.
Got credit card debt? Join the club. Call up your provider and ask for a rate reduction. Many will offer on the spot to reduce your rate (especially if you mention you're thinking of doing a balance transfer...). It's like asking a lady out, the worst they can so is no, right?

13. Refinance your high-interest debt.
If you're carrying over 5K in CC debt and have a credit score over 640 get a personal loan from Lending Club to refinance your credit card debt. You'll lower your monthly payments right away, and be debt free in a few years.

14. Walk to the grocery store.
Grocery store a mile away? Why not shop weekly ("real food" doesn't store!), and carry a light load a mile? It will be good for your health as well as your wallet!

15. Make your own lunch.
The brown bag is always a good way to go...just make sure and throw in a note to yourself just like Mom used to do!

16. Telecommute.
Ask your boss if you can telecommute one or more days a week. So them how you'll be more productive being able to work from home. You'll save gas as well as avoid peer pressure to eat out for lunch or happy hour.

17. Host a dinner party.
Don't feel like cooking? Why not just play host? Invite your pals over for a night of food and games. Just make sure everyone brings something! Everyone will thank you for hosting, and all you get stuck with is the dishes.

18. Become a Little League super-fan.
Want a great cheap source of entertainment? Hit up your local ball field and find a little league team to cheer on. I did this last summer, and it was a total blast. Sno-cones are cheap, and the higher level leagues play good ball.

19. Raise your deductible.
Are you pretty healthy? Don't visit the doctor much? Consider raising your health insurance deductible. You'll still be protected against a major medical event, but your insurance bill will drop.

20. Ditch Bank Fees.
Banks will eat away at your hard earned money if you let them. Analyze all your financial accounts for stupid fees. Switch banks or brokers if you need too, but don't pay fees you shouldn't.

21. Harness the Power of the Web.
Use comparison shopping engines (,, etc) to save on purchases online. Pickup dirt cheap steals on craigslist. There is no excuse for overpaying for that latest gadget.

Do you have any nearly painless tips to share, on how to save money today? Please share your best one!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008, Inc.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So You Love Handbags?

from BagFancy

A few things to consider before shopping. So you really like handbags. Okay, maybe you love them. That much is clear. But now what? Picking a handbag isn't rocket science, but there are some things to think about when shopping. Some are questions of what you want in a bag, while other considerations are much more practical. Thinking through these can make a difference between being happy with your purchase or leaving your new bag sitting in your closet collecting dust.

You're browsing, and you spot a bag that you're absolutely in love with. Sitting on the rack (or calling to you from your computer screen), it's the cutest thing you've ever seen! But unless you're going to hang it on the wall of your apartment for your guests to admire, you'll want to ask yourself this question: What is this bag going to look like on me? Remember that a bag is only one piece of the puzzle - it should ideally match an outfit or your wardrobe (not just color, but also style and attitude). So before buying, mentally cruise your closet and try to think of what you would wear while carrying that bag. Image is everything!!! When considering handbags/outfits, look at the image you are trying to project. Whether you're going for cute, sexy, cool, chic, conservative, etc. think of how the bag will help you pull off the image. Remember, everyone is unique and some styles don't work for everyone. Also, not all styles work for every occasion. Generally you will shop with specific kinds of activities or events in mind - and of course a formal night out is not going to be the same as a day of running errands. You might eventually want to develop a rotating repertoire of different styles for different occasions. Finally, consider your body shape and size. Handbags come in many different shapes and colors along with style, so make sure to pick one that is flattering for you. Take a look at a guide to matching body and handbag shape before picking (see Links at bottom of article).

Carrying Capacity
All right, so you've found a handbag that looks great on you. But it is a bag, after all, and you just might also want to put stuff in it. How much will you be able to fit in your potential bag? Also, what are you going to put in it? Along with the overall size of the bag, give some thought to things like compartments and accessibility.

Another question: how easy will it be to carry? How big is the bag, and what kind of handle does it have? Depending on where you're going and whether you have a place to put your bag, you might end up holding it for a while. You're going to look great with your new handbag. You might as well be comfortable too!

From the infrequent buyer to the shopaholic, we all eventually ask ourselves: How much should I spend? What is this bag worth to me? "Worth" is not just a matter of a dollar value, but also of what it does for you when you have it. Will you be happy that you spent the money and bought it? Is it worth giving up lunch for a week to own that cute bag? Is it worth giving up the extra week's lunch for the matching shoes you now need? Whether you spend thousands of dollars on a Hermes Kelly Bag or $8 on a tote bag from Target, if it was worth it to you, then as Bob Barker says… the price is right.

In the end…
Shopping for a bag should be fun. That's what it's all about, isn't it? But if you take a little extra time to consider whether the style, carry capacity, comfort level, and price all suit you - you can end up being that much happier with your choice. And hey… Informed shopping can be that much more enjoyable anyway!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I bought my first TANO purse in 1964 - 8th Grade!

Right around the same time "I Want to Hold Your Hand" hit the radio, I purchased my first TANO Handbag. Believe it or not, if you had asked me then if I thought Tano was better than the Beatles' music, I would've chosen Tano.

Yes, it's true. My favorite handbag designer in 1964 was TANO. I was 14 and already addicted to style and fashion. In those days, we sewed much of our clothing, traded, borrowed from each other, and saved our money to buy Gloria Vanderbuilt designer jeans! Buying a new purse was the most important task of all because back then, you had only one purse.

I remember my first Tano purchase as though it was yesterday. My school friend and I saved our money for a Tano barrel bag. It was cool! All the girls were carrying them. At least the cool ones -- so we thought.

Our little Midwest hometown wasn't much when it came to fashion as it's stated nowadays. Nonetheless, we had a few really cool clothing stores downtown and a handbag store -- Hollebs, Garbs and Elliots! The handbag store, Garbs, sold all the best bags available -- Coach was probably one of the highest styles at that time. And, there was Tano.

We loved the Tano styles because they were cool, affordable and made well. Nice to know not much has changed when it comes to Tano quality. We saved our babysitting money and bought our Tano bags, and it made us feel cool.

I wish I had a picture of my first Tano purse! The bag was a barrle shape, had double straps to carry over the arm. The body of the bag was partially covered with a heavy woven burlap style twill cloth, and it had complimentary black leather trim. The front of the purse closed with a flap front and a turnlock closure.

I'm telling you, this Tano barrel bag became one of the icons of the mid-60's. Gee, I wish I could remember the price, and I wish I still had that bag, or just a photo of it now. But, the memories still live on. The images I remember of those days include a teased, bubble hair style, white sneakers with nylon panty hose stockings and a very cool, black Tano handbag.

I have Tano to thank for creating fond fashion memories.

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